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Since our founding in 2008, Movement has grown from only 4 employees to over 1,200 employees and counting, and is now one of the Top 25 purchase mortgage banks in the country. Throughout the years, Movement Mortgage has been setting an example in the industry by remaining committed to excellence.  We achieve excellence through upfront underwriting and focus primarily on our innovative 7 Day Processing. We currently process over 70% of loans in 7 Business Days or less. Our sole mission is to remain the premier agent-centric mortgage bank in the country.

Movement Mortgage has been recognized in both 2012 and 2013 as the fastest growing, privately held mortgage bank in the country by Inc. Magazine, with the goal of becoming the largest inside of 10 years. Known as our 10-in-10 Goal, this defines our vision of owning 10% of the purchase market within 10 years.

Our focus towards excellence is not confined solely to our business, in that we are committed to leading with a “love works” culture in all walks of life. When founding Movement, Casey Crawford and Toby Harris felt called to create a Movement of Change in industries, corporate cultures, and communities. To further this impact, Movement established multiple avenues such as the Love Works Fund, which is designed to financially support employees and affiliated companies in times of need. About 30% of employees currently contribute to the Love Works Fund, which is then matched 100% by the Movement Foundation—an organization dedicated to creating a long-term impact in communities. Last year, Movement reinvested over $5.3 million dollars back into communities across the country, with the goal of giving back even more in 2014.  

At Movement Mortgage we've earned a reputation for putting our customers first.