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RE/MAX LeadStreet

The average customer spend over 8 minutes surfing listings on Capturing quality business leads through the Internet is a valuable asset in an ever changing real estate market. It takes a recognized brand and immense investment to perfect a lead generation and lead management system.

Interested in Becoming a RE/MAX agent?

RE/MAX has and continues to invest millions of dollars in Canada and the U.S. to build technology to convert "clicks into clients". LeadStreet is a state-of-the-art customer contact system captures the leads and filters them to RE/MAX agents as valued customer referrals. Leadstreet registers prospects and automatically responds to them and you in order to bring you together in a client relationship. Through you can view leads, understand how many prospects viewed your listings, and benchmark how your listing is being viewed versus others in the same price range.

This referral process is proven to be more successful than sign calls, generating thousands of customer referrals directly to RE/MAX agents with no referral fees. Leadstreet is provided to RE/MAX agents at no extra cost.

Number of Unique Visits per month = 112,858

Number of feature sheets viewed per month = 606,101











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