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The Federal Savings Bank

The Federal Savings Bank has a very simple way of excelling within the company and to it’s customers. Since the founding of TFSB, Steve and John Calk decided to go on a mission to ensure that every veteran was treated and cared for in the mortgage industry. Being veterans themselves, they achieved that mission fairly quickly while still ensuring its one of the main focuses, but now TFSB can also ensure that anyone can get the care and service they deserve with anyone from the team.

Before we start the underwriting process and all the official work, we want to know what customers have in mind when it comes to goals and aspirations for their homes. We want to ensure a relationship built on trust and dignity from the beginning.

With quick pre-approvals and even faster underwriting times, we ensure the process of choosing us to originate your loans with are done with ease and no stress, all the way up to closing! No wonder TFSB was recognized for Excellence in Banking in 2017 and named one of the most profitable banks in the country for three years.

With the one on one care we are able to provide at TFSB, we don’t just close loans, we build relationships!